date: May 25, 1995

from: Jim V.

subject: THE INTERNSHIP!!!

Haven't heard back from Robert in like, 3 days. I have no idea where he could possibly be other than that he was probably somewhere near that lab. He’s probably just got bad service on his phone, besides I’d probably be getting a gut feeling if something were to have gone wrong. Dunno why I’m getting sidetracked, anyways, I’ve just been hired as a science intern by that ‘Dynatek’ you see in those TV ads all the time, since they saw my outstanding thesis on the Ebola virus. Today I finally got my letter and was just discussing that with my brother, Sal. Did I mention that my cousin that's not been answering my calls works there? Yes? Did I mention that my ‘best friend’ works there? No? Oh, well. Anyways I’m supposed to be meeting with a dude to sign paperwork and the usual stuff, and me and Max and Tommy will be off to Colorado!

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